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November 4, 2013


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Group and Character Rules

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 4, 2013, 7:33 AM

Group & Character Rules

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Group Info

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman PMA takes place in modern day Kalos. Every day, citizens expand and broaden their horizons. Humans and Pokemon alike share this drive, and it is this energy that allows for major technological advances, even in the aftermath of the fall of Team Flare.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman The Pokemon of Kalos have been hearing more and more of Pokemon Amie Co. and its invention, the Dittech. This device allows pokemon to change physically into human form. (See "Character Development" below for more information.)

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Pokemon can change into humans, but humans are not privy to Dittech technology and cannot change into pokemon. Whether or not the pokemon has a human form at all is up to the character's creator.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman PMA is a literate Role-Play group, and welcome to all, whether you're new to roleplaying or a seasoned pro.

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General & Role-Play

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Treat others with respect. Try to respect their boundaries and opinions. If you are having issues with another member, please contact admins privately. Public displays of aggression will not be tolerated.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Please be understanding to others' needs and feelings. This includes a desire for space!

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman We will attempt to solve all disagreements through discussion. PMA does not have a strict penalty system in place, however this means that if a member does cause a lot of problems, chances are they are likely to be booted from the group.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Though it is acceptable to use foul language in In-Character roleplays, please keep in mind that there are people of all ages on dA and PMA, and be mindful!

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman God-modding and power play are unacceptable. It is no fun when a character is over powered, and it is rude to take control of another character's actions.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Roleplays that occur in avenues of public interaction outside of deviantArt (twitter, tumblr, etc) are generally considered non-canon with the exception of mutual mun agreement or privatized interactions. Unofficial characters may be roleplayed, but all interactions with them should be considered non-canon until they are approved and in the group. Non-members should keep this in mind! Roleplaying is allowed before acceptance, however please keep in mind that unapproved characters may have alterations made before acceptance and this might create complications. Regardless, all group rules (no god-modding, no power playing, no harassment) are still applied, and though you may not be banned without having initially been accepted, you will be blacklisted for unruly behavior or noncompliance.


When role-playing 'relationship' scenarios please be sure that the member you are role-playing with is comfortable with rather intimate role-plays especially in couple scenarios. Also, please keep NSFW roleplay private!

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Art and Submissions Rules

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman All art must be 100% original work. No tracing, heavy referencing, or bases. If you are caught doing any of the above, you and your art will be removed from the group.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman We are pretty lenient concerning maturity, however we expect members to censor pieces with nudity/gore/etc accordingly.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Only post submissions that are related to the group.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Surprise fanart is fun, but please use judgement when it comes to how you portray others' characters! If you are unsure if it is okay, it's probably best to ask.

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Chat Rules

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman When roleplaying in the roleplay chat, please separate out of character speech (OOC) from in character text. Use brackets such as (), (()), [], and {}.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Refrain from spamming of any sorts. This includes a ton of emotes or icons crowding the chat window.

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Character Development

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Before picking a Pokemon please make sure the pokemon you'd like is available from the Pokemon List. 5 of each Pokemon are allowed in the group at a time.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Legendaries are not allowed, from moderators and members alike.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Once you've decided on a pokemon, you can decide whether or not you'd like your pokemon to have the Dittech in their possession. Your character can have any range of involvement in the human world- whether they only partake occasionally, or if they live active lives with a dwelling and job.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Pokemon colors can vary in shades, though drastic changes will be rejected (magenta colored Ivysaurs, for example). Shiny pokemon are accepted, however we will be more critical of shiny applications seeing as shinies are a rare occurance.
Human colors should be logical. Skin tones cannot be pink and blue, for example. Hair colors are canonically drastic and natural in the world of pokemon, and so green or blue hair is acceptable. The point of the Dittech is to allow pokemon to blend in with humans, so keep this in mind!

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Human forms do, however, reflect pokemon forms in coloration and appearance. Also, it is possible for the Dittech to work improperly and- duds will often leave a pokehuman with ears or a tail. Often, these parts are hidden using clothing, though some pokehumans get away with calling them accessories.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman If a pokehuman is badly wounded, they will revert back to pokemon form. Pokemon in human forms can also use their powers, but should be reluctant to use them in plain sight of normal humans.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman The age of a pokehuman relies on the physical age of the pokemon upon first using the Dittech (ex. A Poochyena puppy would be just a child, a full grown Poochyena dog would be a full grown adult). However, using the Dittech excessively to assume human form will a) lengthen the lifespan of a pokemon that typically doesn't live as long as humans or b) shorten the lifespan of a pokemon that typically outlives humans, to an average of about 80 years. Levels are not correlated directly with age, though an older pokemon typically has more experience. Please use background and evolution stage to justify a pokemon's level.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Pokemon moves depend on the level of the pokemon and all moves that your pokemon can learn can be found here. Please make sure all four moves are within the pokemon level range. You can find your pokemon from the dropdown lists given and then you can check out their movies by levels. Egg moves and TM's are acceptable, however please be realistic with TMs. For example, wild pokemon most likely will not be carrying TM moves, but pokemon that used to belong to a trainer might. Wild Pokemon cannot learn Tutor Moves.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman If you'd like to evolve your character, you'll have to meet evolution requirements. Your character must be the appropriate level, and you can purchase an 'Evolution' in the market using berries, with a moderator's approval.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Characters will age in real time, like the group.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Members start with one character. There is no character cap or cost, but there is a 2 month cool down to character creation. The 2 month cool down can be bypassed with a slot pass in the market, purchased with berries.

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Relationship Rules

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Pokehumans should only be in relationships with other pokemon/pokehumans. Romantic relationships should not form between a human and pokehuman, because pokehumans technically do not exist.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman NSFW decisions are up to the members, however please refrain from posting intimate sexual content in the group itself.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman It is possible for two pokemon to create an egg if actively intimate. Please note the group to notify admins of such an event, including the mother and the father. The child's gender, species (of either mother or father), and appearance are completely up to the parents. Dittech cannot function on multiple life forms, so pokemon are stuck in pokemon form when carrying. Pregnancy lasts 1 week, after which an egg is laid. Eggs hatch after another week. The owners of the parent characters can choose whether to have 1-2 children per pregnancy. There is a 2 month cooldown to this event.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman As pokemon are hatched fully functional in the canon of the pokemon world, offpsring (unless specifically a baby pokemon such as Pichu and Azurill) when hatched can assume Dittech form from anywhere between 4-9 years of age. Within 2 weeks of announcing pregnancy, an app should be made for the child character. The parents can assume the character as their own, or they can choose someone else to roleplay the child for them.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Intimate sexual relationships should only happen between characters who are of legal age. This rule applies to pregnancy as well.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Adoption is completely viable. Single characters can adopt (paying attention to the 2 month character creation cooldown), and coupled characters can adopt 1-2 children at a time. Adopted children do not have to share the same species as the parents, but must be pokehumans. Dittechs must be purchased from the market for each child.

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Death/Withdrawal of a Character

It is possible for a chracter to die in PMA (through battle, accident, illness, old age, etc), however members should refrain from killing off their characters simply to replace them. Characters cannot be killed in roleplay without their owner's permission- such events will not be considered canon, and the offender will be guilty of power play and possibly kicked out.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman You must have had your character for 2 months before allowing them to be killed off.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Please notify the group if you decide to kill off your character. You should depict their death through roleplay, an image, or writing.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Characters can be withdrawn from the group instead of killed. If you only have one character and wish to replace them, your character must have existed for 2 months.

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:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Please note the group of your departure. You don't have to tell us why you're leaving, just that you are.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Please remove all of your character's art in the group. Art for others can remain if you so choose.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman If you've left and you'd like to return, you may! However you must wait until the next opening.

:pokeball: by Supersaiyanbatman Ex-members reapplying may apply with their old character or a new one altogether. Just please make sure the slots for that pokemon aren't filled up, or you'll be denied.

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KayVeeDee Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have two questions about my possible character's history, if I may!
I'm considering making an Elgyem character who studies sociology in her human form, so I have some concerns about writing her app up.
- Can 'student' be an occupation?
- And since Elgyem are an 'alien' species of Pokemon, so would it be okay for my character to grow up on the Moon/in space? it would work out best with what I have planned for her history
Thank you!
Jejunity Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
- student can definitely be an occupation!
- For now, I'm going to say that yes, that'd be alright-- as long as their existence doesn't create any huge threats to overall canon (ex. potential for space invasions, a sudden advance in technology, etc) it should be fine! If anything else, I would go for it-- at app check, if there's anything wrong with it, we'll definitely let you know and give you the opportunity to edit where necessary if that happens to be the case.
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, okay! That's wonderful!
About the threat to canon thing, would it be acceptable for my character to think that she's going to make a big breakthrough in Earth-to-Moon communication even though it's not likely at all that anything significant will happen? If not, I can always change that part of her history! I have a good backup plan ^^
Jejunity Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Yep, that's fine! Haha, a lot of interesting ideas here, hope you're having fun with it!
Mairodia Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just noticed my character's name was spelled wrong on the list- it's Gagnon, not Gangnon. No big deal, though!
Jejunity Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sorry, fixed!
Mairodia Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
bombblaster89 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Shiny pokemon? Hmmm
kanamiu Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep! Shiny pokemon are indeed allowed, just keep in mind we will be stricter with the judging of your app due to the shiny coloration!
bombblaster89 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Mkay, I'll do my best but I probably won't make this opening.
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